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Historic ILP Building Gets Urgent Upgrade

Jun 5th, 2017 | By Matthew Brown | Category: Articles, Frontpage, News

Funding from the ILP has helped to pay for much needed repairs and upgrades at an historic building in Lancashire that once belonged to one of the ILP’s founders, Katherine Bruce Glasier.

Back to the Future: Re-balancing Education

Mar 13th, 2017 | By Matthew Brown | Category: Articles, Features, Frontpage, Lead

Every government since New Labour has made education its top priority yet inequality still runs through the system from top to bottom. So why have they failed and how can Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party win support for a return to the principles and values of the comprehensive system?

That was the question raised by writer and campaigner Melissa Benn at the ILP’s fourth Unbalanced Britain seminar in Sheffield on 5 March.

A Visit to Glen Cottage

Nov 7th, 2016 | By admin | Category: Articles, Features, Frontpage, Lead

STEVE THOMPSON visited a Lancashire youth hostel this summer and found a memorial to one of the ILP’s founders and pioneers that is now fighting to survive.

For a long time I have intended to get to know more about Lancashire, so in June this year I looked up a youth hostel in the county and came up with Earby. It was a place I had never heard of, but a couple of days in the Pendle area seemed a good idea.

Labour on the Brink: Debating the Party’s Future

Oct 25th, 2016 | By Matthew Brown | Category: Articles, Features, Frontpage, Lead

It seems hard to believe that the 2015 general election was only 18 months ago, so profound has been the change in the political landscape since the Tories’ unexpected triumph.

For Labour, the political and emotional traumas of that defeat have been resonating ever since as it’s reeled from Jeremy Corbyn’s shock victory in last year’s party leadership election, to civil war in the PLP, record low poll ratings and the aftermath of the EU referendum vote, including mass shadow cabinet resignations and a second leadership battle.

Labour on the Brink: What Future for the Party?

Sep 12th, 2016 | By admin | Category: Articles, Events, Frontpage

With an unprecedented level of uncertainty about Labour’s future, the ILP is organising a conference for members and friends at the Rose Bowl in Leeds on 15 October to discuss the crisis and how to pull the Party together. Book now.

Discussing Labour’s Future

Aug 14th, 2016 | By Matthew Brown | Category: Articles, Events, Frontpage

The ILP will lead a post-leadership election discussion on Labour’s future at the Rose Bowl in Leeds on Saturday 15 October. Put the date in your diary.

The Crisis of Social Democracy

May 23rd, 2016 | By Matthew Brown | Category: Articles, Frontpage, News

The future of social democracy comes under scrutiny in a new publication from Compass chair Neal Lawson who argues that the Labour Party needs to undergo radical change if it is to remain relevant in the 21st century.

The Housing Crisis Weaponised

Mar 23rd, 2016 | By admin | Category: Articles, Comment, Features, Frontpage, Lead

The government does not intend to solve our housing crisis, says QUINTIN BRADLEY. Instead it is using it as a weapon of policy against the beliefs and attitudes that sustain the welfare state.

Housing in Crisis: Resisting the Bill & Building Alternatives

Mar 12th, 2016 | By Matthew Brown | Category: Articles, Features, Frontpage, Lead

“It’s clear the Tories are destroying the welfare state and we have to do whatever we can to stop them,” said ILP chair David Connolly as he drew the organisation’s well-attended Unbalanced Britain seminar on the housing crisis to a close in Leeds last weekend.

Connolly’s cry for action came at the end of a day of discussion about the Tories’ Housing & Planning Bill and all aspects of Britain’s hideously unequal, market-driven approach to housing.

Housing in Crisis: Still Time to Book

Feb 19th, 2016 | By Matthew Brown | Category: Articles, Frontpage, Lead

You have one week left to book your place at the ILP’s next Unbalanced Britain seminar, Housing in Crisis, to be held in Leeds on Saturday 5 March.

The impressive line-up of speakers includes Dr Quintin Bradley, senior lecturer in planning and housing at Leeds Beckett University, Fabian Hamilton, Labour MP for Leeds North East and author of Building Homes For Britain, and Ellen Robottom from Hands off our Homes. The one-day workshop will examine the implications of the Tory Housing Bill and look at what’s happening to housing in Britain today.