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ILP Profiles: Mary Barbour – Govan’s Local Hero

Nov 3rd, 2015 | By admin | Category: Articles, Features, Frontpage, Lead

CATRIONA BURNESS marks the centenary of the Glasgow rent strikes with a narrative account of the life of Mary Barbour, the ILPer who lent her name to the ‘army’ of women who led resistance to profit-hungry property owners 100 years ago.

The Remember Mary Barbour Association is campaigning to see a statue raised to Barbour as a lasting memorial to one of Glasgow’s greatest heroes. Read on for more information.

Why Mhairi Black is Right

Jul 20th, 2015 | By admin | Category: Articles, Comment, Frontpage, Lead

In case anyone missed it, here is a link to “the great maiden speech” made by the SNP MP, Mhairi Black. ERNIE JACQUES is among those who believe Labour should support her call for a parliamentary coalition against the cuts.

Now for the Hard Part

Oct 21st, 2014 | By willb | Category: Articles, Features, Frontpage, Lead

While the No victory in the Scottish referendum was a huge relief to many, the political minefield the campaign left behind means there is much hard work to do before we’ll see any renewal of Labour and the UK left. WILL BROWN reports.

The No vote means that we have avoided many problems independence would have created. However, the constitutional legacy of the campaign will be with us for some time. The belated and hurried promises of ‘devo-max’ may or may not have been necessary to deliver a No vote, but there are no simple fixes for the UK constitution.

Scotland’s Referendum: Reimagining a Nation

Sep 5th, 2014 | By Barry Winter | Category: Articles, Features, Frontpage

BARRY WINTER reviews Common Weal, the new book from the Jimmy Reid Foundation, which sets out a vision for Scotland run by its people, for its people.

“Scotland’s people are in a unique position – we have been invited to imagine our nation afresh.” So argues Robin McAlpine in the opening sentence of his interesting and unusual book, Common Weal. In doing so, he vividly displays the enthusiasm shown by many on the Scottish left – and beyond – for the opportunities presented by the referendum.

Scotland’s Referendum: Why the Left Should Oppose Independence

Sep 4th, 2014 | By willb | Category: Articles, Features, Frontpage

Far from being a certain route to social democracy, as some suggest, Scottish independence is a short-cut to nowhere, says WILL BROWN. We need a longer term strategy for a progressive unionist future.

A key argument on the left of centre in Scotland, repeated this week by George Monbiot in the Guardian, is that independence will allow Scotland to achieve what it cannot in the UK: social democracy. Friends in Scotland say people are fed up with the status quo and just want a change.

No Short Cuts to a Progressive Scotland

Apr 30th, 2014 | By admin | Category: Articles, Comment, Features, Frontpage, Lead

The Yes campaign is winning increasing support among the left. But, says VINCE MILLS, this is based on wishful thinking about Scottish social attitudes and a failure to grasp the real difficulties of radical social and economic change.

Want to Escape Austerity? Move to Scotland

Mar 26th, 2014 | By admin | Category: Articles, Features, Frontpage, Lead

The political mood is changing north of the border, says ERNIE JACQUES. A win for the Yes campaign could have profound consequence for the Labour Party in Scotland, and the rest of the UK.

Although polls on the Scottish referendum campaign show contradictory trends, and still indicate a victory for the Better Together campaign, Tuesday’s Scotsman (25 March 2014) is reporting increasing movement towards the Yes campaign and signs of alarm in the pro-union No camp.

A Labour Movement Alternative

Oct 19th, 2012 | By Matthew Brown | Category: Articles, Features, Frontpage

As the Scottish independence debate heats up, PAULINE BRYAN argues that the status quo, devo max, devo plus and the SNP version of independence are each built on a neo-liberal model of economics.

In their own ways, she says, they prevent even a classical social democratic approach to fiscal policy and the stimulation of economic growth.