Now for the Hard Part

    While the No victory in the Scottish referendum was a huge relief to many, the political minefield the campaign left behind means there is much hard work to do before we’ll see any renewal of Labour and the UK left. WILL BROWN reports.

    The No vote means that we have avoided many problems independence would have created. However, the constitutional legacy of the campaign will be with us for some time. The belated and hurried promises of ‘devo-max’ may or may not have been necessary to deliver a No vote, but there are no simple fixes for the UK constitution.


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Labour must deliver on the promises made to Scotland argues HARRY BARNES but difficult and complex constitutional puzzles remain. Labour’s response ...

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In September 1914, ILP representatives refused to follow the Labour Party in heeding government calls for a national campaign of ...

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Salters Play to Perform at Cockpit Theatre

A new play about the pioneering ILPers, Alfred and Ada Salter, will get its first hearing at London’s Cockpit Theatre on Monday 13 October.


Neoliberalism and International Catastrophes

The eighth seminar in the Kilburn Manifesto series, will be held on Thursday 23 October at the Marx Memorial Library in London.


Beware New Threat to the Co-op Party

After a turbulent 18 months, the recent changes to the Co-op Group’s rules were no great shock. But, says JACK STREET, the new structure could lead to funding problems for the Co-op Party in years to come.


WWI: Down with the War!

On 6 August 1914, just nine days after the start of what came to be known as World War One, the ILP published a front page appeal in its weekly journal, Labour Leader, imploring the “workers of Great Britain” to unite with those across Europe and resist the government’s call to arms.