Judging Labour’s Manifesto

    HARRY BARNES casts his scrutinising eye over the details of Labour’s election manifesto, and concludes that it contains the seeds for a progressive government.

    At the 2014 Labour Party conference a document entitled National Policy Forum Report 2014 was adopted. My own summary of its contents appeared on my blog and covered 16 separate items. The report was endorsed in the expectation that it would shape Labour’s general election manifesto, which was finally published on Monday this week.


featuredimage Chartist Unveils its Anti-Austerity Manifesto

In a period awash with party election manifestoes, the left magazine and campaign group, Chartist, has unveiled its own manifesto ...

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The Socialist Health Association has highlighted five ways the government’s health reforms have failed to improve patient care, the criteria ...

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MIKE CORMACK, of Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty, describes some of the direct action being taken in the Scottish capital to ...


GMB Slams Tory ‘Right to Buy’ Plans

The GMB union has slammed the Conservative Party’s plans to extend the ‘right to buy’ to housing association tenants as creating a “rich harvest” for private landlords at the expense of the nation’s social housing stock.


Democracy, Media and the Miners’ Strike

Past and present struggles for pluralism in the media will be under the spotlight at the Red Shed in Wakefield next month when the Wakefield Socialist History Group hold their next pre-election public meeting in conjunction with the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom.


One afternoon, 100 Speakers, One Hell-of-an Experience

BARRY WINTER was intrigued, confused and stimulated by the recent Compass event in London, the second of its ‘Change: How?’ events.


Growing Up in an ILP Household

It is with great sadness that we learned recently of the death of the ILP’s oldest member, Jennie Cuthbert. Jennie died peacefully in her sleep on Monday 9 March. Her lifelong membership of the ILP provided a living link between the modern organisation and the party’s earliest decades.