Dark Times for the NHS

    Although it was called off at the last minute, the junior doctors’ strike showed just how close to the edge Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has pushed the medical profession. Final-year medical student DAN SELLWOOD explains why his colleagues were prepared to put down their stethoscopes in favour of a one-day walkout.

    Doctors and the British Medical Association (BMA) are hardly ‘militants’, so what drove a profession of 50,000 to vote unanimously (98%) in favour of strike action?


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Chartist Propose Model Motion Against Syria Strikes

Chartist editor Mike Davis has drafted a model motion for adoption by local Labour Parties and trade unions, opposing air strikes in Syria and supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s call for a political settlement to the conflict.


Looking for Scotland’s Alternative Futures

Soundings are holding a workshop in Glasgow on Saturday 12 December to examine the themes of their Kilburn Manifesto, After Neoliberalism?, in relation to Scotland’s rapidly changing political context.


Make the Living Wage Compulsory

While recent rate increases are welcome, the Living Wage Foundation’s voluntary approach to employers is not working, says ERNIE JACQUES.


Keir Hardie: Evangelist and Strategist

In this chapter from a new book on Keir Hardie, BARRY WINTER argues that the Labour Party founder’s political life and ethical socialism can still serve as a beacon for the left in today’s increasingly unstable world.