Corbyn: Labour’s Accidental Leader

    IAN BULLOCK’s recurring nightmare is that the Labour Party will end up like the ILP at the end of the 1930s – with a leader who could do no wrong in the eyes of an adoring membership, but with little or no political influence, let alone power. ‘At least Jimmy Maxton was a brilliant orator!’

    In the leadership election last year I voted for Yvette Cooper, but I gave Jeremy Corbyn credit for giving the Labour Party a very necessary ‘wake-up call’. In fact, once I was sure he was going to win easily I voted for him as my second choice.


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HARRY BARNES calls for the Labour’s leadership candidates to stand by the party’s current policies as decided by party conference, ...

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The Housing Crisis Analysed

The ILP has launched a new pamphlet based on its Unbalanced Britain seminar on the housing crisis held in Leeds in March this year.


Discussing Labour’s Future

The ILP will lead a post-leadership election discussion on Labour’s future at the Rose Bowl in Leeds on Saturday 15 October. Put the date in your diary.


Labour in Crisis: A Statement from the ILP

The Labour Party is in mortal danger and the post-referendum crisis that now engulfs it genuinely threatens its very existence as a viable force in British politics.


Hunting for the Real Keir Hardie

We should remember ‘diverse Keir Hardies’, argues DAVID HOWELL, versions of the ILP founder that stretch beyond the simplicities of socialist canonisation and patronising dismissal, but never attain the dubious establishment honour of ‘national treasure’.