The Corbyn Effect

    Converting supporters and new members into active campaigners is the challenge for Labour today, but will Momentum help? asks MIKE DAVIS.

    Democratic socialism is back on the agenda. For the first time in 30 years members and supporters are talking about what socialism means in the 21st century. If the Corbyn leadership can be sustained then we are likely to be campaigning on a range of policies which put both clear red water between us and the Tories and give members something positive to campaign for. So is Momentum, the new extra–parliamentary group, part of the solution?


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New ILP Mural Postcards Available

New postcards of the ILP’s famous mural from its 1914 ‘Coming of Age’ conference are now available from the ILP website.


Looking for Scotland’s Alternative Futures

Soundings are holding a workshop in Glasgow on Saturday 12 December to examine the themes of their Kilburn Manifesto, After Neoliberalism?, in relation to Scotland’s rapidly changing political context.


ILP Statement On The Labour Leadership Election

The Labour leadership debate has posed some fundamental questions about Labour’s future, how it relates to the wider electorate and the purpose of the Party itself. It is vital that these political divisions do not cause irreparable damage to its future.


Keir Hardie: Evangelist and Strategist

In this chapter from a new book on Keir Hardie, BARRY WINTER argues that the Labour Party founder’s political life and ethical socialism can still serve as a beacon for the left in today’s increasingly unstable world.