Labour on the Brink: Debating the Party’s Future

    It seems hard to believe that the 2015 general election was only 18 months ago, so profound has been the change in the political landscape since the Tories’ unexpected triumph.

    For Labour, the political and emotional traumas of that defeat have been resonating ever since as it’s reeled from Jeremy Corbyn’s shock victory in last year’s party leadership election, to civil war in the PLP, record low poll ratings and the aftermath of the EU referendum vote, including mass shadow cabinet resignations and a second leadership battle.


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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been urged to speak out against “the ongoing slaughter of civilians by Russian and Assad-regime ...

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Hope not Hate have launched a new website to mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street when ...

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Saturday 20 August 2016 marked the 40th anniversary of the day when Jayaben Desai walked out of the Grunwick photo-developing ...


Historic Cable Street Pamphlet Republished

The ILP has republished a first-hand account of the Battle of Cable Street to mark the 80th anniversary of the day in 1936 when the people of London’s east end united to halt Oswald Mosley and his British Union of Fascists (BUF) from marching through Stepney.


Finding a Progressive Future in Post-Brexit Britain

Leading thinkers and key figures in the Labour movement will come together with grassroots organisers and activists at a conference in London on Saturday 5 November to “take stock, discuss policy solutions and map a progressive path forward for Britain” post-Brexit.


Labour on the Brink: A Statement on the Leadership Crisis

A statement from the ILP’s National Administrative Council on Labour’s leadership election and a call for the Party to pull together, whoever wins.


The ILP, POUM and the May Days of the Spanish Civil War

With a plaque to their memory due to be re-dedicated later this month, DAVID CONNOLLY tells the story of the ILP volunteers in the Spanish Civil War and their connection to POUM.