WWI: Lest We Forget

    One hundred years on from the start of World War One, PAUL SIMPSON remembers the tale of an Durham ILPer and conscientious objector who died in prison for his anti-war beliefs.

    As we approach Remembrance Day on the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, I am reminded of an account I read a few years ago of a horrifying incident which took place in the County Durham pit village of Quebec where I live, which I think is worth sharing as a striking example of the inhumanity of the 1914-18 war.


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‘Don’t Let Them Drown,’ cries HOPE not Hate

HOPE not Hate has launched a petition condemning the government’s decision to withdraw support for migrant rescue missions in the Mediterranean, describing the stance as “inhumane and unacceptable for a modern civilised country”.


Podemos: A New Way of Politics?

The sudden rise on the Spanish political scene of Podemos, a radical political party based on the indignados 15M movement, will be the subject of discussion at the next Taking Soundings meeting in Leeds on Wednesday 26 November.


Beware New Threat to the Co-op Party

After a turbulent 18 months, the recent changes to the Co-op Group’s rules were no great shock. But, says JACK STREET, the new structure could lead to funding problems for the Co-op Party in years to come.


WWI: Down with the War!

On 6 August 1914, just nine days after the start of what came to be known as World War One, the ILP published a front page appeal in its weekly journal, Labour Leader, imploring the “workers of Great Britain” to unite with those across Europe and resist the government’s call to arms.