Why Labour Needs to Change

    Like many on the left, the election result came as a nasty shock to JONATHAN TIMBERS. Yet despite the desperate outlook, he believes a future Labour government is possible if the party becomes a very different kind of organisation.

    Some on the left say they do not expect to see another Labour government in their lifetime. But the results were not the final nail in the coffin of a social democratic Labour Party. They were a reasonable response to a Labour leadership lost outside its heartlands, plus the most adept Tory leader since Stanley Baldwin.


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Until recently Walter Ayles was almost a forgotten figure in Bristol. But a new group is reminding the city of ...

featuredimage Labour’s Housing Problem

ERNIE JACQUES argues that Labour’s ‘curate’s egg’ of a manifesto is a long way from being social democratic or balanced. ...

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HARRY BARNES casts his scrutinising eye over the details of Labour’s election manifesto, and concludes that it contains the seeds ...


Former MP Calls For ‘Manifestos of Intent’ From Leadership Candidates

Former Labour MP Harry Barnes has called for Labour’s leadership candidates to issue ‘Manifestos of Intent’ to explain their intended programme and help members decide who to vote for.


Celebrating the History of the Derbyshire Miners

A series of events celebrating the history of the Derbyshire miners are being held in Chesterfield this June, culminating with a ceremony to mark the centenary of the town’s statues of founding miners’ leaders and Labour MPs, James Haslam and William Harvey.


Labour’s Fightback Will Be Harder Than We Can Yet Imagine

David Cameron may have returned to Downing Street with a thin majority, but Labour must not kid itself. Coming back from this defeat will be very hard. The road to recovery will be far tougher than the route Labour has just tried and failed to plot, argues ANDREW HARROP.


Growing Up in an ILP Household

It is with great sadness that we learned recently of the death of the ILP’s oldest member, Jennie Cuthbert. Jennie died peacefully in her sleep on Monday 9 March. Her lifelong membership of the ILP provided a living link between the modern organisation and the party’s earliest decades.