The Causes and Cures of Brexit

    “The Brexit vote was the biggest single democratic revolution the UK has experienced in decades,” according to Neal Lawson of Compass. “In hindsight everyone saw it coming, but at the time the news when it trickled through in the early hours after the close of polling was a seismic shock. It still is.”

    A new report from Compass brings together more than 20 short essays on why people voted to leave the European Union and what our collective response should be – looking at issues of economy, democracy and culture.


featuredimage How Corbyn’s Rise Attracted the Young

Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal to young people has dispelled a few myths about their political apathy and disengagement. SAFFRON ROSE reviews ...

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Jeremy Corbyn’s rise is only the latest in a long line of left-wing ‘corrections’ to a rightward drift in the ...

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IAN BULLOCK assesses the record of the ILP between the wars and seeks to draw a few lessons for Labour ...


Campaign Kicks Off to Reprint Carpenter’s Seminal Poem

A bid to reprint Towards Democracy, the seminal poem of Sheffield radical and founding ILPer Edward Carpenter, has been kickstarted with a crowdfunding campaign by the new co-operative publishing company, Millthorpe Press.


Durham Labour Left Conference

Durham Labour Left, a group of democratic socialists based in the north east, is organising a regional conference for local Labour Party members on Sunday 21 October.


Don’t abolish the National Policy Forum – transform it

Labour’s National Policy Forum may be flawed, but it needs to be reformed, not abolished, argues HUGO RADICE.


ILP@125: Reflections on the ILP’s History

The ILP celebrates its 125th anniversary this week. BARRY WINTER marks the organisation’s brithday with a brief survey of its history and consideration of the lessons it can pass on to today’s left.