Labour Should Outlaw Zero-Hours Contracts

    Labour’s opposition to zero hour contracts is important and welcome, says ERNIE JACQUES. But the Party’s approach is still far too timid.

    In his speech at Senate House last month, Labour leader Ed Miliband could not have been stronger in his attack on the coalition government’s ‘zero-zero economy’ and the horrific Victorian employment practices exemplified by Mike Ashley, owner of Sports Direct and Newcastle United.


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Labour’s Plan for Government

The Labour Party has published its plan for government setting out its commitments in four areas: economy, society, politics and Britain in the world.


Kilburn Manifesto: The Conference

Soundings is organising a one-day conference in London on 21 February 2015 to celebrate the completion of the Kilburn Manifesto and to discuss and develop its ideas.


Labour Needs to Push its Progressive Electoral Programme

HARRY BARNES has analysed Labour’s electoral programme and believes it starts to ‘open the door’ towards democratic socialism. He’s also provided a readable 16-part summary for those who haven’t yet ploughed through the 200-page document.


WWI: Down with the War!

On 6 August 1914, just nine days after the start of what came to be known as World War One, the ILP published a front page appeal in its weekly journal, Labour Leader, imploring the “workers of Great Britain” to unite with those across Europe and resist the government’s call to arms.