New Labour and the Roots of Labour’s Crisis, Part 2

    HARRY BARNES continues his investigation of the state of Labour, looking at the failures of the Miliband leadership, the basis for Jeremy Corbyn’s triumph and the prospects for party unity.

    I have never met Ed Miliband and only went to hear one or two of his platform speeches. However, I do feel that he was carefully trying to move the party away from New Labourism towards something nearer the old Smith-Beckett stance. Perhaps it was only a start on a much longer road.


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Salters Play to Open in London

A new play about pioneering ILPers Ada and Alfred Salter is heading to south east London next month after a long battle for funding by its writer and director, Alison Mead.


Refugees, Women and the Grunwick Strike

The co-author of a seminal account of “the strike that changed the rules of the game” will be giving a special one-off talk at Canary Wharf in London’s Docklands on Sunday 27 November to mark the publication of a second edition of his book about the dispute, Grunwick: The Workers’ Story.


Labour on the Brink: A Statement on the Leadership Crisis

A statement from the ILP’s National Administrative Council on Labour’s leadership election and a call for the Party to pull together, whoever wins.


The ILP, POUM and the May Days of the Spanish Civil War

With a plaque to their memory due to be re-dedicated later this month, DAVID CONNOLLY tells the story of the ILP volunteers in the Spanish Civil War and their connection to POUM.