ILP@125: Reflections on the ILP’s History

    The ILP celebrates its 125th anniversary this week. BARRY WINTER marks the organisation’s brithday with a brief survey of its history and consideration of the lessons it can pass on to today’s left.

    The ILP was formed in Bradford 125 years ago, in what was then a leading northern industrial city. Its history offers some helpful insights into the left’s direction of travel and provides inspiration from its generations of socialists.


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Sheffield Co-op Paper Marks Party Centenary

Members of the Sheffield Co-operative Party have published a special commemorative edition of the party’s old monthly newspaper to mark the national Co-op Party’s 100th anniversary this year.


Is Our Democracy Broken?

The state of British democracy and how we can fix it will come under scrutiny at the Dronfield Labour party Discussion Meeting in north-east Derbyshire this Sunday when Vicky Seddon, coordinator of Sheffield for Democracy, will be the main speaker.


Understanding Corbyn’s Politics

BARRY WINTER examines the political origins of Jeremy Corbyn’s politics, asking: what are its ideological roots and what is the nature of his leadership?


Robert Blatchford, the Clarion and Socialism as a Way of Life

STEVE THOMPSON sketches a brief profile of Robert Blatchford, the founding editor of The Clarion newspaper, who campaigned for socialism as a way of life.