Red Noses For You

    At a time when the UK aid budget is under concerted attacks from right-wing Tories, UKIP and the media, it might seem churlish to criticise one of the great ‘set piece’ British events that focus our attention on development in Africa. However, David Lammy’s Guardian comment is a necessary and welcome contribution to Red Nose day, says WILL BROWN.

    Lammy takes aim at the negative and simplistic images of Africa…


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New ILP Pamphlet Explores Ethical Socialism

The ILP has published a new pamphlet by acclaimed author Graham Taylor which explores the origins of the early ILP’s ethical socialism and argues that the ideas behind its hard-headed moral and political framework can serve as an inspiration for the left today.


Commemorating the Leeds Convention of 1917

The 100th anniversary of an historic mass Labour and Socialist Convention held in support of the Russian Revolution at Leeds Coliseum in 1917 will be marked at a one-day event in the same city on 3 June this year.


Brexit: Labour’s Fading Red Lines

Labour is in a mess over Brexit and its strategy for the forthcoming parliamentary votes on triggering Article 50 is a shambles. It did not have to be this way, argues WILL BROWN.


The Lessons of 1917 … And All That!

IAN BULLOCK marks the centenary of the Russian Revolution by arguing that the profoundly anti-political stance that took root among Leninists had dire and lasting consequences for socialism in the west.