Brexit: Organising for Dangerous Times

    “I am truly worried about our country. We are living in dangerous times.” So says Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate as reports arrive of a rise in racist and xenophic attacks across the country in the wake of last Thursday’s Brexit vote.

    “The decision to leave the EU has been quickly followed by a wave of racist and xenophobic attacks against Eastern Europeans and others across the country,” writes Lowles in his latest plea to members.


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‘We still believe in each other’ is the message from Hope not Hate, just one of a number of left ...

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The EU referendum campaign has hardly been inspiring. For the left it poses some awkward questions with few simple answers. ...

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In writing his lauded biography of ILPer Ada Salter, GRAHAM TAYLOR began to wonder about the ILP’s ethical socialism. In ...


London to Celebrate Ada Salter Day

Ada Salter’s 150th birthday will be celebrated in south east London on the weekend of 15-16 July with a series of events to mark the extraordinary legacy of this pioneering ILPer on the people and politics of Bermondsey, London and the country.


Education for Action at Miners’ Gala

‘The rise and fall of the working class’ will be one of the topics under discussion as part of a North-East Labour History’s week-long programme of talks and events in the lead-up to this year’s Durham Miners’ Gala on Saturday 9 July.


Labour’s Nuclear Question

Can Labour find a way to bridge its divisions over Trident? Or will a policy to scrap the nuclear warheads strike a final nail into the party’s electoral coffin? BARRY WINTER calls for a national debate and a Labour-led referendum on the issue.


Hunting for the Real Keir Hardie

We should remember ‘diverse Keir Hardies’, argues DAVID HOWELL, versions of the ILP founder that stretch beyond the simplicities of socialist canonisation and patronising dismissal, but never attain the dubious establishment honour of ‘national treasure’.