WWI: ILP Oppose the War Drive

    In September 1914, ILP representatives refused to follow the Labour Party in heeding the government’s call for a national campaign of recruitment to the armed forces, arguing that they would not “stand by militarists and enemies of labour”.

    Here, we reproduce a report from the Glasgow Herald of 3 September 1914 of the ILP national council’s letter of explanation to its branches and members.


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Labour’s ‘New Approach’ Outlined by Cruddas

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WWI: Alternative Voices & War Resisters

A series of talks, discussions and conferences to remember those who opposed the First World War will be held in London this autumn, providing an alternative narrative to the official commemorations currently enjoying such a high profile in the media.


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WWI: Down with the War!

On 6 August 1914, just nine days after the start of what came to be known as World War One, the ILP published a front page appeal in its weekly journal, Labour Leader, imploring the “workers of Great Britain” to unite with those across Europe and resist the government’s call to arms.