Brexit: Labour’s deepening dilemmas

    The EU withdrawal agreement revealed by the government this week can only make Labour’s Brexit difficulties worse, says WILL BROWN. The party urgently needs to find some greater clarity.

    Wednesday’s shaky approval from a splintered cabinet of the draft EU withdrawal agreement, brought the tortuous and sorry story of Brexit to another inglorious milestone. It satisfies almost no-one, denounced by both leavers and remainers as worse than the UK’s current position, and delivers few of the so-called benefits of leaving.


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Dossier Delivers New Doubt on Smillie’s Civil War Death

The long-lost prison files of Bob Smillie, one of the ILP’s most notable Spanish Civil War volunteers, have finally been unearthed in Valencia, casting new doubts on the official version of his mysterious death in 1937.


The Future of Progressive Politics – Taking Back Control?

Politics professor Andrew Gamble will be the headline speaker at the next ILP day school on ‘the future of progressive politics’ to be held in Sheffield on Saturday 15 December.


Don’t abolish the National Policy Forum – transform it

Labour’s National Policy Forum may be flawed, but it needs to be reformed, not abolished, argues HUGO RADICE.


ILP@125: Reflections on the ILP’s History

The ILP celebrates its 125th anniversary this week. BARRY WINTER marks the organisation’s brithday with a brief survey of its history and consideration of the lessons it can pass on to today’s left.