Data Control Policy

Independent Labour Publications (the ILP) handles three types of personal data:

  • Membership records
  • Bank details for standing orders
  • Email mailing list

This policy sets out how we control this data, what personal data we hold, what we use it for and who controls it (the Data Controllers).

1. How We Control Data

  1. Each type of personal data is the responsibility of the officers of the ILP.
  2. Personal data held by the ILP must not be distributed beyond the officers of the ILP (i.e. the National Administrative Council).
  3. Personal data held by the ILP must not be passed to other organisations.
  4. Personal data must only be used for the purposes specified in this policy.
  5. Personal data may only be distributed among officers of the ILP for the purposes specified in this policy.
  6. A permanent copy of any personal data will only be held by the responsible officer or officers. Any other officer (NAC member) who has need of that information will delete it as soon as that need has passed.
  7. The ILP will permanently delete all information relating to a person if that person requests that this be done.

In addition, as a one-off exercise, the ILP has decided to send every person about whom it holds data an email or letter offering to permanently delete their personal information from the ILP’s records.

2. The Data We Hold

2.1 Membership Records for the ILP and ILP Friends

  • Data held: name, address, postcode, email address, annual membership fee due date, method of payment (cheque, standing order, bank transfer), Labour Party membership and positions held, trade union membership, membership of other campaigning organisations, and in a few instances, telephone number.
  • Uses for the records: to distribute ILP publications and emails and manage our annual membership fees.
  • Data Controllers: these records are exchanged between the ILP’s Chairperson and the Membership and Friends Secretary. This is done to improve the accuracy of the records and to enable officers of the ILP to manage members’ fees. We do not pass membership records to other organisations.

2.2 Bank Details for Standing Orders

  • Data held: account holder’s name, bank, branch, account number and sort code. These are received by the Membership and Friends Secretary who forwards them to the ILP’s bank.
  • Uses for the records: we use this information to set up standing orders to pay for membership of the ILP and ILP Friends.
  • Data Controller: This information remains with the Membership and Friends Secretary. It is not passed to any other officer of the ILP. It is passed to the ILP’s bank, but not to any other organisation.

 2.3 Mailing List

  •  Data held: email addresses of ILP members, ILP Friends and other   people who have asked to be kept in touch with the ILP and its interests or have attended ILP events. Unless the address on the list belongs to a member (and is therefore covered by the membership records above) these addresses are not associated with any other information.
  • Uses for the records: these addresses are used to inform people of matters of interest to the ILP, including but not limited to events that are held by the ILP and other organisations. These addresses are not passed to any other organisation.
  • Data Controller: The Chair of the ILP.

13 June 2018