ILP Weekend 2009


Crunch Times: Politics And The Crisis


“You can only be flabbergasted … at how Labour kowtowed to wealth,
glorified the City and put all the nation’s economic eggs into one
dangerous basket.”

Polly Toynbee, The Guardian


ILP Round Table Seminar 

Esplanade Hotel, Scarborough 

13th-14th June 2009

Saturday   13th June   2.00 pm start

Sunday     14th June   9.30 am start


Session 1: From boom to bust
• How did we get here? 
• What does the current crisis tell us about capitalism and the complexities of the global market?

Session 2: The mess we’re in
• What kind of world are we left with?
• What are the key social, economic, cultural, environmental and political consequences?

Session 3: The left’s response
• What effect will the crisis have on the Labour Party?
• What should the left be arguing for?
• Where now for radical democracy and social change?

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