Can you spare enough for a round?

The Hope not Hate campaign are asking for support for their next Day of Action on Saturday 19 March.

Their recent Fear and HOPE report highlighted that economic insecurity was a key driver in support for right wing parties. As a response the HOPE not hate campaign is organising a day of action on Saturday 19 March to target those most susceptible to fear and hate. The intention is to produce 250,000 leaflets and target the 62 wards most vulnerable wards, including the 12 where BNP councillors are up for re-election.

To achieve this they need to raise £5,000 by the end of the week. That works out at £80 for each ward, £20 for each polling district of 1,000 homes or just £5 for each delivery round of 250 homes.

Fortunately the Fear and HOPE survey tells them who they need to target with these leaflets and what they need to say. With help they can get the correct message into the right hands and so ensure they prevent the BNP from winning council seats in May.

More than 70 people have already donated £1,700 between them.

You can make your donation here: