The North West’s Spain Volunteers

The 75th anniversary of the Spanish Civil war will be commemorated at Manchester Town Hall on Saturday 16 July with a celebration of the contribution made by volunteers from the north west of England.

Organised by the International Brigade Memorial Trust, the event will mark the role of the north west volunteers in the Sculpture Hall at 11am before a walk round ‘radical manchester’ at 2pm.

The Trust exists to “educate the public in the history of the men and women who fought in the International Brigades and in the medical and other support services in the Spanish Civil War, in particular by preserving and cataloguing valuable historical material relating hereto, and by making such material available to the public.”

It also seeks to “foster good citizenship by remembering those who have fallen in the Spanish Civil War by preserving, maintaining and assisting in the construction of war memorials.”


More details here, or from the International Brigade Memorial Trust.