Attlee seminars in Labour history

‘Patriotism, Fellowship and the Left: Explorations in British Labour History’, a series of lectures by Jon Cruddas MP, are at University College, Oxford in November.

The schedule is:

11am, Monday 7 November
: ‘Labour and Patriotism from Jameson to 1945’

11am, Monday 14 November
: ‘Labour and the New Left: Reclaiming an Authentic English Socialism’

11am, Monday 21 November
: ‘Labour, Patriotism and Economic Liberalism: The Failures of Keating and 

UCO logoAll seminars take place in the Swire Seminar Room, University College. All welcome.

Conveners: Dr Ben Jackson and Professor Marc Stears

Any enquiries about this event should be directed to Dr Ben Jackson.

More information from University College.

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  1. Rob the crip
    9 November 2011

    I suspect the left or what’s left of it, and Jon Cruddas idea of the left are two massive different beliefs.

    Labour these days like to be called the center left, how one can be in the center and to the left I’ve no idea, but I suspect these days labour is a middle class upper middle class party out to win those swinger the swing voters.

    It’s not the party of the poor or the working class that’s for sure.

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