Crisis, Markets and Protest

Today capitalism is news. Indeed, talk about capitalist crisis and recession is widespread in ways that have not been heard for decades. Comparisons are often being made with the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Yet, it is the forces of the right that continue to dominate politically, even though the system they most strongly espouse is facing severe upheavals. Often discredited, social democratic parties are struggling to get a hearing.

In the UK, the coalition is using the recession to fast-forward radical changes to work and the public sector, including health and education. The crisis is being used as an opportunity to marketise society still further, extending the very processes that led us into recession.

IMGP2195We are also witnessing changes in the public mood: at times hostile to those deemed to be welfare scroungers; at times angry at the greed and insensitivity of bankers when there is growing hardship and unemployment.

New forms of politics and protest are, quite effectively, highlighting many of these injustices. They are pointing the finger at those whose privileges, prosperity and power still prevail despite mounting inequality nationally and globally. They are raising questions of justice, morality and accountability that need to be heard if the crisis is not to be resolved by punishing the poor.

How do we play our part in this process? What can we contribute to a coherent left alternative? Can we make ‘Our Politics’ play a constructive part in these turbulent times?

We invite you to explore these questions at the ILP’s weekend school in Scarborough on Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th May.

The programme for weekend is as follows:

Saturday 5th May
2.30pm – Chair’s welcome
Session 1 – The Crisis so Far: Introduction and general discussion
Session 2 – Forward March of Marketisation Accelerated

Sunday 6th May
10.00am – Some time to continue Session 2
Session 3 –  Protests and Opposition
Session 4 – 120th Anniversary of the ILP 1893-2013
1.00pm – Close

The following is some suggested background reading:

The ‘round table discussion’ will take place at the Esplanade Hotel.
Accommodation for Saturday 5th May costs £25 for members and Friends, and £30 for non-members. Any additional nights are £44.

Email for a booking form.

The Esplanade Hotel
Belmont Road
YO11 2AA
Tel. 01723 360382

Photo of the dining room at The Esplanade Hotel Scarborough

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