ILP@120: Anna Turley to address ILP Weekend School

Prospective Parliamentary candidate Anna Turley will address the ILP’s annual gathering of members and friends at Scarborough’s Esplanade Hotel this weekend.

Turley will speak on emerging co-operative alternatives to public sector privatisation as part of a two-day programme of political discussions entitled ‘Ethical Socialism, Capitalism and the State’. annaturley pic

Turley (left), the PPC for Redcar, is a co-ordinator of the Co-operative Councils Network, a group of Labour councils implementing co-operative policies and means of providing services as an alternative to relying on private sector companies.

She will talk about the prospects for co-operative councils and what they have achieved so far, as well as other areas where co-operative alternatives to privatisation are growing, such as co-operative academy schools and trusts.

The round table discussions will begin on Saturday afternoon with a reflection on the ILP’s 120th anniversary led by Barry Winter, author of the ILP’s history pamphlet, The ILP: Past and Present, currently being re-written for publication later this year. Barry will look at the lessons that can be learned from the ILP’s long history for those seeking progressive change in today’s world.

Sunday will be devoted to consideration of Ed Miliband’s ‘one nation’ Labour Party centred around recent speeches and articles by Labour MP Jon Cruddas, co-ordinator of Labour’s policy review process.

Here is the full weekend programme:

Saturday 4 May

2.00pm: Chair’s welcome and introduction, followed by
‘Reflections on the ILP’s 120th Anniversary’ – Barry Winter

3.15pm: Refreshments

3.30pm: ‘Emerging Co-operative Alternatives to the Privatised State’ – Anna Turley

Sunday 5 May

10.00am: ‘One Nation Labour: Radical or Conservative?’

11.30am: Refreshments

11.45am: ‘One Nation Labour: Radical or Conservative?’

12.45pm: Close


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