Compass to Consider Change

‘Change: How?’ is the to-the-point title of the 2013 conference of left pressure group Compass, to be held in London on Saturday 30 November.

Change logo“We tackle one big question: ‘How does change happen?’” says the Compass blurb, promising “provocations from world-famous thinkers, inspiring interviews chaired by progressive politicians, and fresh approaches to hearing from everyone.”

Some 500 people are expected to attend the annual event where speakers include politicians such as Labour MP Jon Cruddas and Labour peer Maurice Glasman, activists such as Margaret Aspinall of the Hillsborough Campaign and Clive Stafford Smith of Reprieve, journalists such as John Harris of the Guardian and the New Statesman’s Helen Lewis, and academics such as Ruth Lister from Loughboorugh University and Mike Rustin of the Kilburn Manifesto.

There will be sessions on party politics (is it dead?), ‘change-makers’ from past and present, ‘heroes behind the headlines’, and ‘mind-blowing ideas’, plus street photography, radical walks, food, coffee and craft beer.

The event is to be held in the Oval Space, Hackney, east London and costs £30, £20 or £10 depending on your wage.

More details, how to book and things to read on the event website here.