Call for Action Against Rail Price Rip-off

Campaigning organisation Compass is calling for thousands of people to take action this Monday against the new year hike in rail fares.

rail rip-off inforgraphic pinkRail fare price rises of upto 2.5% were announced on Friday, making an “unbelievable” 27% increase since 2010, according to Compass, which has teamed up with trade unions and grassroots organisations such as Action for Rail to campaign for “a railway system that is publicly-owned, fair, run by us and for us”.

The pressure group claims that 66% of people in the UK support public ownership of rail. It is urging supporters to join actions at local rail stations on Monday 5 January and to share infographics and Twitter messages against the “rail rip-off” on social media.

“As we pay more and more for our travel – and billions of our tax money goes into the privatised railway system – the familiar delays, chaos and cancellations continue for passengers,” said a statement from the group’s national coordinator, Jacqui Howard.

“The fact that the majority of people in the UK support public ownership is telling and we’re asking you to get involved by joing one of our actions and sharing the infographics on social media.”

Actions at more than 38 local rail stations have been confirmed – you can find an action near you by clicking here.

If they can’t make it in person (and even if they can), people can take action on social media by sharing the infographics on Twitter and Facebook using the #railripoff.

Compass is also asking its supporters to pressure MPs to pledge support for “a publicly-owned, affordable and democratically run railway system that works for all of us and the environment”. Click here to lobby your MP.

For more information go to:
Green Party leader Natalie Bennett’s report of the action at King’s Cross Station in London is here.