‘UKIP’s Poisonous Politics’ is a Real Election Threat

HnH get involved longAnti-racist campaigners Hope not Hate are calling for active and financial support for its general election strategy to defeat ‘UKIP’s poisonous politics’ at the ballot box this May.

With the election just a few months away and UKIP planning “a huge assault”, Hope not Hate are seeking to mobilise mainstream British society around shared values of tolerance, fairness, respect and equality” in an effort to defeat “those who seek to divide us by spreading fear and hatred”.

“At the ballot box the threat has never been bigger,” said the organisation’s Nick Lowles. “UKIP pose a very serious threat in nine parliamentary constituencies. There are another 20 where they will expect to win 25-30% of the vote. And we have identified 407 council wards across 51 local authorities that are at risk to UKIP.

“UKIP is not the BNP and Nigel Farage is not Nick Griffin, but in many ways its threat is even more worrying. Its anti-immigrant rhetoric is poisoning the public conversation, pulling the other parties to the right and its acceptance of, and seeming indifference towards, casual racism makes it even more pernicious and dangerous.

“While the Conservatives and Labour will be vying to form the next government, HOPE not hate is concerned about the repercussions of a very strong UKIP vote. An already toxic political environment will sour further as other parties run to the right to try to win back UKIP voters. Casual racism will become more acceptable and the fear and hatred of outsiders will grow.

“Worse still, UKIP might even hold the balance of power.”

To meet this growing threat, Hope not Hate is planning its biggest and most sophisticated campaign to date and has recently published a campaign strategy with a call for people across the country to get involved.

“Our strategy will seek to take on UKIP’s poisonous politics in the key constituencies and wards across the country,” said Lowles. “It will mobilise the positive anti-UKIP vote, explain why UKIP is not the answer to potential UKIP voters and, just as importantly, build a movement capable of defending our Britain against all those who seek to divide us well beyond the elections.

“We defeated the BNP. Now let us get organised to face the even bigger threat of UKIP.”


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