Greece Solidarity Model Resolution

We welcome the formation of the new Syriza government in Greece that places people at the heart of its programme of change.

We note the crippling bail-out package imposed through the EU/IMF Memorandum has created enormous hardship. As well as damaging society these policies have failed to reboot the Greek economy. The public debt in relation to GDP is now far greater than it was before the programme started in 2010.

Greek people have chosen a new path. They have chosen a government committed to ending the austerity programme. They have voted for immediate debt repudiation and renegotiation. They have voted for the humanitarian crisis to be addressed as the top priority. The government are taking immediate steps to support those suffering the most under the austerity measures and to restore basic rights.

The Greek election results have implications for the UK and the whole of Europe. Austerity policies have been a choice by those in power, and they have failed. Greece reminds us that different economics and politics are possible.

Undoubtedly there will be pressure on the new Syriza Government from the EU, the banks and their friends not to deliver their promises.

Solidarity with Greece at this time is an imperative for Greeks and for all European working people.

We applaud the courage of the people of Greece in choosing hope and a new direction in policy that can start to rebuild a sustainable Greek economy and faith in politics.

We resolve to

  • defend the right for Greece to end austerity
  • support the action on debt being called for by the new government of Greece
  • call on our political representatives to exercise their vote within official sector finance agencies, within the European Parliament and pursue other diplomatic activities that will support debt reform
  • sign the open letter of support to the Greek anti-austerity movement (GSC website)
  • call on prospective parliamentary candidates standing in the coming Westminster elections to support the Greek’s anti-austerity policy
  • affiliate to the Greek Solidarity Campaign (delete if already affiliated)
  • contribute £X to the Medical Aid for Greece appeal. Every penny raised is sent to support the Solidarity Health Clinics (delete if already contributing)



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