Momentum Mobilise Against Tax Credit Cuts

Momentum are gathering a series of video messages from people around the country to highlight the impact on families of George Osborne’s proposed cuts to tax credits.

Momentum logoThe movement set up by members of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership election team is calling for help in telling what they call ‘the Work Penalty story’ via messages addressed directly to Osborne himself in the run-up to the chancellor’s autumn statement on 25 November.

“The government’s plans have provoked outrage and uproar across the land,” according to a Team Momentum email this week. “Even the comment pages of the Financial Times called the cuts a ‘crime and a blunder’.

“Labour MPs stood up and voted against this Work Penalty in Parliament (read the party’s six reasons why here). The House of Lords refused to vote through the legislation in the face of threats that the government would appoint 100 new unelected Lords to force through the Work Penalty.”

Momentum point to Michelle Dorrell’s intervention on the BBC’s Question Time as an example of the kind of personal story they are looking for to make an impact. Dorrell’s contribution, they say, “did so much more to explain the cruelty and dishonesty of the Work Penalty than abstract figures. These are working people’s lives that this government is choosing to make worse.

“The Tories must know the impact that their decisions will have on the millions of families they are supposed to be representing.”

Momentum have produced a short demonstration video here with a step-by-step guide, and are calling for people to upload their own messages here.

Momentum are also supporting a series of actions across the country organised by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity. They are listed here:

London: 24 November, 6:00pm – March & Rally at Trafalgar Square
Bristol: 24 November, 5:15pm – More details to follow
Birmingham: 25 November, 5:00pm – Meet outside Waterstone’s on Birmingham High Street
Cambridge: 21 November, 12:00pm – Protest at Cambridge Guildhall
Cornwall: 25 November, 12:00pm – Protest at St Nicholas St, Truro TR1 2RN
Coventry: 25 November, 5.00pm – Protest at Broadgate
Doncaster: 24 November, 12:00pm – Protest at Mansion House
Eastbourne: 21 November, 11:00am – Protest at Bankers Corner
Manchester: 24 November, 5:00pm – Protest at Market street
Milton Keynes: 21 November, 12:00pm – Meet outside 52 Midsummer Boulevard, MK9 3BB
Newcastle: 24 November, 5:00pm – Protest at City Library, Newcastle Civic Centre
Nottingham: 21 November, 2:00pm – Protest at Old Market Square, NG1 2GR


Read more about Momentum here.