The ILP: Past & Present, Part 2

The ILP: Past & Present, Part 2 by Barry Winter and William Brown brings the ILP’s story right up to date, covering the post-war period when it struggled to survive and retain political relevance; to 1975 when it made a bold and principled decision to return to the Labour Party as Independent Labour Publications.

It goes on to chart the turbulent Thatcher years when the ILP developed a distinctive approach to Labour and political change that was often at odds with much of the rest of the left.

It also includes a whole new section that traces the last 30 years, a period when the ILP has continued to provide an independent left voice within and outside the party – whether under new Labour, Ed Miliband, Jeremy Corbyn or Keir Starmer.

Part 1, published in June 2023 (see below), takes the the ILP’s story from its birth in the last decades of the 19th century to 1945.

Published 2023.
£8.00 including p&p.