A People’s Powerhouse Convention on the North

Wednesday 24 – Thursday 25 November 2021

Costs: Free


The fifth annual People’s Powerhouse ‘This is the North’ Convention will be held online on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 November.

Focusing this year on Blackpool, the aim of the meeting is to illuminate “the brightest and the best examples of economic and social justice across the North” as part of the organisation’s aim to “bring northerners together so that they can decide what the future of the north should look like”.

Self-described as “a movement for change for individuals, communities, businesses and services”, the People’s Powerhouse says: “The North is what brings us together. It is our pride and diversity is our strength. Our togetherness brings us courage to speak truth to power.

“We strive to improve the lives of all people living in northern England. And it’s time to do things differently, to move forward together on our terms.”

The convention will include 12 interactive sessions and short “lightning talks” featuring a wide range of speakers, such as Kim Leadbetter, Labour MP for Batley & Spen; northern Labour mayors Andy Burnham, Jamie Driscoll, Steve Rotherham, Dan Jarvis and Tracy Brabin; and Sir Michael Marmot, director of the UCL Institute of Health Equity.

A full programme will be released soon. A full list of speakers is on EventBrite.