Building a Movement Through Political Education

Thursday 21 January 2021

Costs: Free


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What role political educators have in building a progressive movement for change will be the focus of discussion at the next meeting of Political Education Together, the group set up by Independent Working Class Education at Durham Miners’ Gala two years ago.

The Zoom meeting on Thursday 21 January will ask whether political education is even more important than ever in this new era. What is the role of the political educator? And what is our theory of change?

“The working class and progressive movements in this country are on their uppers,” said Keith Venables of the IWCE.

“The electoral defeat of the Labour Party in December 2019, the nature of the new Labour leadership, the long-term transformation of the economy and society, worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic – all provide new opportunities for capital to strengthen its position.

“But how can we fight back? Crucially, what role do political educators have in this?”

The meeting runs from 2-4pm and those interested in attending should contact Keith on for details.