Global Crises & Left Responses

Saturday 30 October 2021

Costs: Free


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Chartist magazine’s annual strategy discussion and AGM will focus on left-wing responses to a range of global crises facing nations and movements across the world.

Entitled ‘Global Crises and Responses from the Left’, the online meeting on Saturday 30 October will feature a range of guest speakers including Labour MP Jon Cruddas, former Labour MEP Glyn Ford, political economist Ann Pettifor and academics Marina Prentoulis and Dennis Leech.

The main morning session on ‘Global Challenges’ will look at “climate crisis, shifts in global power, the Covid pandemic and economic shocks, ongoing wars, race, gender and class divides pushing immigration”, while the second discussion asks ‘Can Labour Win Again?’ and in particular examines the role of ‘work’ in rebuilding Labour.

The plenary discussions will be followed by the formal AGM for Chartist members and subscribers.

The full meeting lasts from 10.45am to 3.45pm.

A full agenda and details of how to register are here.

More information about Chartist is here.