Marxism for Beginners

Thursday 3 February 2022

Costs: Free


“There was a time when every radical was one form of Marxist or another, whether they were student activists, feminists, trade unionists or radical anti-racists.”

So says the Ella Baker School of Organising who are holding a one-off online introduction to Marxism for “change-makers” on Thursday 3 February.

Born out of the notion that very few people are familiar with Marx’s ideas today, the training workshop aims to explore how they can “be the starting point for a discussion about how society is structured, how power is built (and rebuilt) and how change can be effected”.

“We don’t like to see anything go to waste,” they say. “Some of the ideas have inspired generations of change-makers (and no we won’t be treating these ideas as if they are fundamental truths).”


Read more about the Ella Baker School here.

You can register for the workshop here.