Safety at Work After Coronavirus

Wednesday 22 July 2020

The Ella Baker School of Organising is hosting an online meeting to discuss how to use collective action to ensure safety at work in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

The session at 6pm on Wednesday 22 July will look at existing legislation on health and safety and contrast it with the power of collective action to bring about change.

Anyone interested in ‘Covid 19: Organising for Safety at Work’ can register here.

The Ella Baker School is also running a 90-minute introduction to theories of change on Sunday 26 July. This training session will introduce a number of strategic planning tools to help make change, rather than simply protest against an injustice.

“Everyone wants to make change, whether it is to reduce loneliness, end racism, save the planet, get the landlord to do essential repairs, or simply get a crossing installed on a busy street. Yet too often we put action before strategy.

“We use familiar tactics: starting a petition, writing to an MP, lobbying, striking or marching, without first analysing why the problem came into existence, why those with the power to change it choose not to, and how we can make those with power say ‘yes’ when they would rather say ‘no’.

“Whether you are writing a funding bid for a charity, organising a trade union, rebelling against oppression, or planning to save the planet, you need a theory of change: what is it that we need to make happen to effect the change we want to see?”

You can register for the ‘Theory of Change Training’ here.