Salter Centenary Town Partnership Day

Saturday 10 – Sunday 11 September 2022

Costs: Free

Various locations: Bermondsey, South East London, SE16 4RX

Contact details
Details on Salter Centenary Project website. Or email:

The hugely successful Salter Centenary Project reaches one if its anticipated high points this weekend when Bermondsey hosts a Town Partnership Day featuring representatives of Raunds, the Northamptonshire town where Ada Salter was born.

The south-east London project has been celebrating the contributions of early 20th century pioneering ILPers Ada and Alfred Salter throughout 2022 with an innovative series of talks, events and performances on the ever-relevant themes of environment, health and housing.

The weekend of 10/11 September is packed with events, including a visit to Ada’s garden cottage estate, the opening of a children’s orchard and a concert with the Raunds Temperance Brass Band.

A specially curated exhibition will be opened at the Southwark Park art gallery next to the Ada Salter Garden, while there will be two special performances of Red Flag Over Bermondsey, the celebrated one-woman play about Ada, one on Saturday and one on Sunday evening.

There will also be an open air thanksgiving service for Ada and Alfred on Sunday followed by the latest Bermondsey tree walk with London tree expert Paul Wood.

The project is far from finished this weekend, however, as the whole of October will be given over to a festival at Southwark Playhouse, including three performances of a new play animating Ada’s story, plus talks, school projects, exhibitions and research.

The focus in November will be on a new docu-drama film, called Remembering Ada.

You can read about some of the other initiatives connected to the project here. They include a podcast by King’s College, a children’s story book, a wall mural and a new history of the Salters, to be published by the ILP.

More about all the remaining official events is here.