The Progressive Economics Conference

Saturday 11 June 2022

Costs: £10 full; £5 student/low wage

University of Greenwich, London SE10 9LS

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Progressive Economics 2022

The Progressive Economy Forum is holding its first annual conference at the University of Greenwich in London on Saturday 11 June.

Described as a “one-day conference of transformative economic thinking”, the event will feature a wide range of speakers from the world of left economics, including former Labour Party shadow chancellor John McDonnell, current Labour backbencher Clive Lewis and former Labour leader Ed Miliband, the current shadow climate change secretary.

They will be joined by any array of progressive thinkers, writers and academics such as Ann Pettifor, Kate Pickett and Christine Berry, among many others.

“In a world battered by crises, facing environmental collapse, leading thinkers from across the progressive economics movement will present the arguments and the solutions we need to build a radically better economy,” says the PEF website.

With sessions covering everything from Brexit to climate change, the green new deal and the cost of living crisis, the event has been described by PEF director James Meadway on Labour List as “one of the first occasions since the lockdowns that the movement has had to come together to discuss the ideas we need to take on the immense economic challenges we now face…

“We are in a critical moment,” he added, “a point of multiple crises and change, where the intellectual terrain for the next decade will be formed. This is a conference to help shape it.”