Ukraine Solidarity: Tasks for the British Left

Tuesday 10 May 2022

Costs: Free


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Labour left group Chartist is holding an online discussion meeting on Ukraine on Tuesday 10 May at 6.30pm to address “the tasks confronting the British left in demonstrating solidarity with the struggle for democracy in the face of Putin’s onslaught”. 

The meeting follows coverage of the war in its magazine and on its website blogs, and will feature Bohdan Ferens, one of the leaders of SD Platform, direct from Ukraine, plus two British-based commentators on Russian and east European affairs – Peter Duncan and David Dalton.

Peter Duncan’s interview on the relationship between Russia and the NATO-led West was featured in Chartist, and is described as “essential reading for anyone wanting to go beyond the simple picture presented in the mainstream media”.

David Dalton’s article on the economic impact of the Russian invasion on Ukraine is in the current issue of the magazine, number 316.

Julie Ward (who spoke at the ILP’s online meeting in March), will also be on the panel. Her involvement in Ukraine goes back to her days as a Labour MEP for North West England.

As a regular visitor to Ukraine she plays a key role in facilating contact with socialists and democrats in the country. Her article on the growing solidarity between UK trade unions and their counterparts in Ukraine can be read on the Chartist website.

You can register for the meeting on Eventbrite page.

It has been organised by the Chartist Collective with the assistance of the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign.