What do we Mean by ‘Democracy’ in Democratic Socialism?

Saturday 28 November 2020

Costs: Free

Online via Zoom

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The importance of democratic advance in politics, government and the economy will be the central theme of Chartist’s annual strategy discussion and AGM to be held on Zoom this Saturday 28 November from 2-4.30pm.

Chartist editor Mike Davis will be joined on a panel by Labour Party National Executive Committee member Ann Black and Ilford South MP Sam Tarry to consider the place of democracy as a strategic objective for socialists.

“The left is in the process of working through the new perspectives that will be needed to take us forward after the years of Corbynite leadership of the Labour Party,” say Chartist. “Advancing democracy has to be regarded as a strategic objective for socialists.  This being so, what are our goals for a democratic future in the spheres of politics and government, and also in the management of the economy?

“As democratic socialists, how does the question of democracy figure in the challenges that confront the Labour Party?  Are the experiences of recent years building a new consensus around the need for electoral and constitutional reform? What campaigning activity will be needed to build a popular movement for democratic reform?

“And, of crucial importance, how do we extend the demand for democracy into the realm of the economy, so vitally needed as the country and the world rebuilds after the devastations of coronavirus?”

The strategy discussion, chaired by Mary Southcott, will begin at 2pm to be followed by Chartist’s annual general meeting for subscribers, which will focus on specific tasks, network relations and development ideas for Chartist while reviewing reports from the management and editorial boards.

It will also consider the contributions made by the Chartist magazine, website and social media to working for a democratic socialist future.

To register for the event please go to the Eventbrite pageOnce registered will be sent a Zoom link.