Summer 2005

Into the cracks of the system
Matthew Brown reports on the ILP’s discussion weekend

A challenge remaining
Will Brown reflects on a left still looking for direction

Stock ideas
Mike Wadsworth reports on a CLP meeting about housing

Unite against terror
A statement on the London bombings

No quick fix
Will Brown on the legacy of Live8, G8 and Make Poverty History

Is there a song for solidarity?
Sarah Bracking calls for a socialist response to the Live8 agenda

Peter Hain: time to go?
Is Hain bad for the peace process? Paul Dixon thinks so

Still pulling them in
Paul Fryer reports on the first Victor Grayson memorial lecture

Lowick school forced to close
The battle is over for the country’s only co-operative school

Lyotard and the post-modern
What can socialists learn from Lyotard? asks Martin Jenkins