Summer 2006

Labour’s illusory reforms
Dexter Whitfield condemns the marketisation of public services

The case against social enterprise
Steve Schofield fears for the prospects of a social economy

Stepping stone or scam?
Andy Hansford ponders the potential of foundation hospitals

A more generous attitude of mind
Matthew Brown on a comprehensive vision for education

Picking at the pensions pickle
Jonathan Timbers reviews Robin Blackburn’s Plugging the Gap

Debating democracy
Will Brown looks at two approaches to democratic renewal

A million on the march
Gary Kent reports on the struggles of Iraq’s trade unions

A revolution in contraflow
Ivan Briscoe reports on Venezuela’s ‘Bolivarian revolution’

The end of Fukuyama
Christopher Hitchens spots a major defection from the neo-cons

Uniform ruling
Ben Turley explains the implications of the Lords’ decision