The State of the State

The role and nature of the state has become a central feature of British political argument – should it be an ‘EasyJet state’ or a ‘John Lewis state’? Should the state give way for the arrival of the ‘big society’, or forms of mutualism or associationalism?

In the context of deficit reduction and austerity politics the boundaries of the state are being re-drawn by the Conservative-led government. Where is the British state going? What will be the impact of these changes on the political choices and strategies ahead of us?

The discussion group Leeds Taking Soundings is hosting a meeting on the state of the state with Michael Kenny, professor of politics at the University of Sheffield. Kenny is a research associate at the Institute of Public Policy Research and Demos think-tanks. He has published widely in the fields of political thought, British politics and public policy. He is currently writing a book on the politics of English nationhood.

His recent article on the big society can be found on the Open Democracy website.

The State of the State
6pm Wednesday 23 February 2011
Old Broadcasting House
Leeds Met University

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