Growing concern over Refounding Labour

Concern is growing over the Labour leadership’s handling of its ‘Refounding Labour’ proposals, as DAVID CONNOLLY explains.

It seems that a final Refounding Labour document will go to the party’s Organisation Committee of the NEC on 15 September and then to the NEC itself five days later. If it is accepted the proposals it contains will then be presented to Labour Party conference in Liverpool on Sunday (26 September) on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis.

This means there will be little chance for constituency parties to consider their position and no opportunity to make amendments at the conference. Such high-handedness may backfire if the party feels the leadership’s management style is too reminiscent of its immediate predecessors.

As an alternative Bridgend CLP are circulating a motion calling for a Special One Day Conference to be held in London in November after members have seen the proposed rule changes and responded to them.

Bridgend have asked for extra time to ‘facilitate full engagement and participation’ and ‘make accessible all the Refounding Labour submissions’. While appreciating some of the ‘constructive proposals’, the motion criticises ‘the lack of detail in the Summary Report’.

See the full text of Bridgend’s proposal go to

Read the ILP’s submission to Refounding Labour.