No Place for Hate

The anti-fascist group Hope not Hate have launched a ‘No Place for Hate’ internet wall in response to yesterday’s murder in Woolwich.

Nick Lowles from the group sent out the following message to supporters about the initiative:

“Today’s papers bring home the shocking realities of what happened in Woolwich yesterday. The words ‘horrendous’, ‘horrifying’ and ‘disgusting’ don’t seem enough to describe this inexcusable

“As soon as the identity and motives of the perpetrators were known EDL, BNP and National Front supporters rushed to whip up hatred and incite violence. A hundred EDL thugs fought with police in Woolwich while thousands more vented their racist and Islamophobic hate online. Two mosques were attacked and dozens of other incidents were reported.

“There is no place for hate in our society. HOPE not hate stands against the violent and sickening Jihadist ideology that motivated these attackers just as we stand against the racists and fascists who will target all Muslims in response. We stand against Al-Muhajiroun, with whom at least one of yesterday’s attackers had been involved, just as we oppose the EDL and the BNP.

Join us in saying there should be no place for hate in our society.

“We regularly call on you to take a stand against hate, but today I am asking you to take it a step further. We need to ensure that the voice of HOPE is louder than the screams of hate. We need to show that the vast majority of Britons, from all races and religions, believe there is no place for hate in our society.

“In collaboration with the Daily Mirror, we are launching a ‘No Place for Hate’ wall where the voices of hope can speak out which we will then turn into video which we hope will go viral.

“Leave a message on our wall:

“So please send us a photo, a video message or even just a tweet about why there is no place for hate in today’s Britain.

“There are going to be a lot of people who try to exploit yesterday’s evil murder to spread their racist message. Let’s ensure that the voice of HOPE drowns out the scream of hate.”