Fabians Call for Focus on Inequality

The summer 2013 issue of Fabian Review contains a series of articles which document the increasing rate of inequality in the UK, criticise Blue Labour for taking attention away from inequality, and recommend new approaches for Ed Miliband’s party.Fabian Review cover

Articles in the Fabian Society’s quarterly magazine include Howard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett (authors of The Spirit Level) on ‘Is society stronger?’, Puja Dabarti: ‘Are fewer children in poverty?’, Kate Bell: ‘Investing in childhood’, Howard Reed: ‘The boom in inequality’, Andrew Simms: ‘Do you want to grow forever?’, Sophia Parker: ‘Unsqueezing the middle’ and Sol Picciotto: ‘A taxing problem’.

There is also an interview with Arnie Graf, the US community organiser recruited by Miliband to revolutionise the activity and organisation, and a look back at in history at the striking matchwomen of Bow, ‘the mothers of the modern labour movement’.


‘The Inequality Boom’, the summer 2013 issue of Fabian Review, can be downloaded here.