People’s Assembly March to Demand the Alternative

The People’s Assembly anti-austerity movement is organising a national march to ‘Demand the Alternative’ in London on Saturday 21 June.

People's Assembly march logoThe organisers of the ‘No More Austerity’ march hope to bring together a plethora of groups resisting different aspects of the government’s austerity agenda as a way of “uniting, not dividing, communities to fight for a better future”.

“People are feeling the squeeze more than ever as living standards continue todrop,” says the organisation’s publicity material. “All David Cameron and his millionaire cabinet can do is tell us things are getting better, but the so-called economic recovery demonstrates it’s only getting better for those at the top.

“This demonstration is a way of cutting through this.”

The march will assemble at 1pm in front of the BBC’s headquarters in Portland Place and wind through central London before ending with a free festival outside Parliament.

Among the figures earmarked to perform or speak are: Russell Brand, Christine Blower, Owen Jones, Kate Smurthwaite, Sam Fairbairn, Sean Taylor, Len McCluskey, Stephen Morrison-Burke, Francesca Martinez and Jeremy Corbyn MP.

Some organisations will form themed blocs on the demonstration to represent their campaigns.

The themes include: Hands off our NHS, Stand up for Education, Welfare not Warfare, housing, Artists Against Austerity, environment, Immigrants Welcome Here, Europe Against Austerity and Student Assembly. Trade unions will also be organising their own blocs.


More information and publicity material, plus a map of the route, are available from the event website.

People who would like to organise their own blocs or themes are asked to email:

The People’s Assembly website is here.


Twitter: @pplsassembly