ILP in Devon on BBC Four

Dartmoor Prison ltrboxThe ILP’s role in promoting workers’ rights and pacifism in Devon during World War One is currently featuring in a documentary on BBC Four.

Presented by historian Professor Jean Seaton‘Whose Side Are You On?’ is part of the BBC’s ‘World War One at Home’ series. Seaton uncovers a tale of industrial unrest, showing that while soldiers were away fighting on the battlefields, there was a conflict of a different kind going on in Devon.

Seaton is professor of media history at the University of Westminster in London and has recently been appointed as an official historian of the BBC.

The programme was available initially only in the Channel Islands and South West region, but was repeated on BBC4 on Tuesday this week and will be shown again early on Friday morning, 2am on 17 October.

Luckily, it will also be available here on BBC iPlayer until 14 November.


Brief details of the programme are available here and here.

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