Yorkshire Celebrates Tom Paine’s Birthday

The Sheffield School of Democratic Socialism is revising a practice of 1820s British radicals by holding a meeting at the end of January in celebration of Tom Paine’s birthday.

Tom Paine squarePaine, born in 1737, is the famous author of the Rights of Man (in 1791), Common Sense (1776), Age of Reason (1793-4) and Agrarian Justice (1795). He was a critic of the British constitution, a supporter of the American Declaration of Independence and a member of the French National Convention.

At a time when Britain’s place in Europe is in question, and its constitution has become a major issue thanks to the Scottish referendum, there could be no more appropriate time to celebrate Paine’s birthday through contemporary political discussion.

The meeting in Sheffield’s Sharrow Community Forum on Thursday 29 January will be addressed by Stephen Houghton Labour leader of Barnsley Council and a member of Sheffield City region’s Local Enterprise Partnership.

At a time when the government has promised to hand down greater powers over transport, housing and skills to Manchester and Sheffield, the meeting will look at how this relates to Labour’s call for a constitutional convention.

What: The Constitution, Devolution and the General Election
When: Thursday 29 January 2015, 7pm-9.30pm
Where: Sharrow Community Forum, The Old Junior School, South View Road, Sheffield S7


More information from John Halstead on 0114 258 2541 or john.halstead@blueyonder.co.uk.

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