Keep It Co-op – Again!

The Keep It Co-op campaign has been re-launched just a year after winning a resounding victory in a vote to retain the historic link between the Co-operative Group and the Co-operative party.

keepitcoop again logoAt last year’s Co-op Group AGM members voted overwhelming to keep the link with the Party, which has existed for nearly 100 years. But members are faced with another motion on whether to continue the partnership at this year’s AGM on 21 May.

Claire McCarthy, general secretary of the Co-operative Party, has called on members and supporters to rally again behind the Keep It Co-op campaign, saying “the stakes are just as high”.

“For a century, the Co-operative Group and the Co-operative Party have worked to build a Britain where power and wealth are more equally shared,” said McCarthy in an email to supporters.

“Whether by the shopping basket or the ballot, the savings account or on the street, co-operatives have always shaped and challenged the world in which we live.

“At last year’s AGM members voted resoundingly to keep the link with the Party, thanks to the support of thousands of members and supporters like you.

With another vote again this year, the stakes are just as high.”

Co-operative Group members have been asked to pledge their support for the political link and spread the message among supporters on Facebook and Twitter.

More information about the Keep It Co-op campaign is here.

More about this year’s decision and what’s at stake is here.