Another Europe is Possible

Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis and Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell will be headline speakers at a left wing conference on the European Union referendum in London on Saturday 28 May.

Another Europe pic‘Vote In: Another Europe is possible’, to be held at University College London’s Institute of Education, aims to be a forum for a ‘new movement’ whose message is: ‘Stay in Europe to change Europe’.

“On 23 June, Britain will vote on whether or not to leave the EU. It’s going to be close, and radical and progressive voices may well decide the outcome,” it says. “We need to act – not just to win the refrendum, but to fight for the Europe we need.”

Other speakers will include Green Party MP Caroline Lucas,  Anthony Barnett of Open Democracy, journalist Owen Jones and campaigning lawyer Michael Mansfield.

There will also be workshops, skills training sessions and ‘participatory breakouts’.

Session topics include:

  • Reigning in corporate power: tax and financial reform
  • Defending free movement, ending fortress Europe
  • Organising across borders for workers’ rights
  • Resisting power: Europe and human rights
  • Preserving the future: environmental sustainability

Tickets are available via Event Brite.

What: Another Europe is Possible

When: Saturday 28 May 2016, 11:00 to 17:00

Where: UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL (view map)

The London conference will be followed by a nationwide speaker tour in late May and early June, as follows:

  • Bristol – 31 May, from 7.30pm in the Trinity Centre. Get your ticket here.
  • Birmingham – 1 June, from 7pm in the Priory Rooms. Get your ticket here.
  • Sheffield – 3 June, from 6pm in Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union. Get your ticket here.
  • Manchester – 4 June, from 4pm in the People’s History Museum. Get your ticket here.

More information about Another Europe is Possible is available here.