Chartist Publish EU-In Supplement

Labour left magazine Chartist has published a special supplement to its May/June issue on the European Union referendum which puts the left-wing case for voting to remain.

Corbyn IN picWith contributions from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady, and Labour MEPs Julie Ward and Anita Pollack, it covers issues such as investment, jobs, workers’ protection, consumer rights and the environment, while Don Flynn of the Migrant Rights Network looks at the Brexit myths about immigration and Ann Pettifor of Labour’s economic advisory committee advances three political reasons for staying in despite the EU’s entrenched market fundamentalism.

The risk of war, right-wing populism and a reversal of social and labour standards in an independent UK is too great, says Pettifor. “I agree with Jeremy Corbyn,” she says. “We should unite to vote to remain, but for the opposite reasons to David Cameron and George Osborne.”

The editorial argues: “In this world where global capital can move across borders to divide and rule, working in stronger regional blocks to curb and regulate their tax dodging and exploitation is the only approach with a hope of success.A Brexit could also set back the clock of social progress years.

“Have no doubts that the Tory opponents of the EU and UKIP stand for untrammelled capitalism and a much harsher, meaner, dirtier, inhumane and divided Britain. Cooperation with a European brothers and sisters on issues from climate change, cyber crime, terrorism, human rights and economic justice is the internationalist way.”

You can download the eight-page Chartist supplement EU-In here.

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