New Blog to Explore Fenner Brockway’s ‘Extraordinary Life’

The “extraordinary life and career of Fenner Brockway” is due to be explored in a new blog on the long-time ILPer and anti-war campaigner, set up by Paul Simpson of the ‘Lives on the Left’ podcast and Hazel Kent of Bishop Grosseteste University.

The pair discovered a shared interest in Brockway when Simpson interviewed Dr Kent about the former Labour Leader editor for his podcast. They decided to write a biography “as, remarkably, none currently exists”, says Simpson.

“We are currently working on compiling an edited anthology of his writings and speeches, which will be followed by a full biography,” he explains.

“The purpose of the website is to publicise the research project, share content about various aspects of Brockway’s activism and serve as a point of contact.”

So far the blog contains links to Kent’s two-part podcast interview, plus an insightful Thames TV interview with Brockway from 1973.

Kent’s ILP profile of Brockway, written for this website – ‘Standing out for Socialism’ – is also available on the blog.

The pair are asking for anyone with sources of information about Brockway – including documents, tapes or even just memories – to get in touch via an online form.



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  1. Chris Olewicz
    8 August 2020

    A partial difficulty with writing a biography of Fenner Brockway is that he was a great self-biographer. He wrote three memoirs (Inside the Left, Outside the Right, 98 not out) and an autobiography (Toward Tomorrow). Recently, Priyamavada Gopal referred heavily to Brockway in her book Insurgent Empire.

    Of course, I’m sure his archival papers, as well as his newspaper articles, will reveal a wealth of interesting material.

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