State, Tax and Football

Modern statecraft, policy making, tax and public services are all subjects up for discussion in the latest round of Labour’s ‘One Nation’ policy review seminars, plus something called ‘One Nation Football’, a discussion of support and community ownership in the game.

Guardian journalist David Conn and David Lampitt, chief executive of Supporters’ Direct, are two of the speakers at that meeting next Monday, while figures from parliament, think tanks, institutes and academia feature in the other workshops, all of which take place in House of Commons committee rooms.

The full details released by Labour’s One Nation Register are:

Monday 17 June

One Nation Football – owning and belonging

Committee Room 9, 4.30pm – 6pm

Speakers: David Lampitt (CEO, Supporters Direct), David Conn (The Guardian), Alison McGovern MP

Chair: Clive Efford MP (Shadow Minister for Sport)

If you would like to attend please email and put FOOTBALL in subject header.

How can Labour encourage and develop supporter and community ownership in football?


Tuesday 18 June

Policy Making in Government and Opposition

Committee Room 6, 6pm – 7.30pm

Speakers: James O’Shaugnessy (Director of  Policy 2007-11, Conservative Party and Prime Minister), Polly Mackenzie (Senior Strategy Adviser, Deputy Prime Minister), Nick Pearce (Head of No.10 Policy Unit, 2008-10)

Chair: Tim Bale (Professor of Politics, Queen Mary, University of  London)

If you would like to attend please email and put POLICY in subject header.

Organised with Queen Mary, University of  London.

Speakers will discuss the balance between policy making and electoral messaging while in opposition, making policy that is ready for implementation on entering government, and how parties can refresh policy when they are in office.


Wednesday 19 June

A One Nation Tax System

Committee room 9, 6pm – 7.30pm

Speakers: Catherine McKinnell MP (Shadow Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury), Chris Wales (Adviser, PWC), Richard Murphy (Research Director, Tax Justice Network), Robert Hodgkinson (Executive Director, Technical, Institute of Chartered Accountants).

Chair: Teresa Pearce MP (TBC)

If you would like to attend please email and put TAX in subject header

Organised with Labour in the City and the Labour Finance and Industry Group.

Britain’s tax system needs to support a fairer and more dynamic, wealth creating economy. What kind of tax system fits with the values of One Nation Labour and are there lessons to be learnt from the Mirrlees Review in any future Labour tax reform?


Monday 24 June

Governing in 2015. Reforming the state.

Committee Room 6, 4.30pm – 6pm

Speakers: Dan Corry (Chief Executive, New Philanthropy Capital), Caroline Slocock (Director, Civil Exchange), Ben Jupp (Director, Social Finance)

Chair: Ivan Lewis (Shadow Sectary of State for International Development)

If you would like to attend please email and write STATE in subject header.

Given the fiscal constraints, what kind of statecraft does Labour need to develop for governing in 2015?


Tuesday 25 June

One Nation Public Services: How do we encourage a greater sense of ownership?

Committee Room 10, 6pm – 7.30pm

Speakers: Stephen Twigg (Shadow Secretary of State for Education), Liz Kendall (Shadow Minister for Care and Older People), Kevin Rowan (TUC),  Lib Peck (Leader, Lambeth Council).

Chair: Steve Reed MP

If you would like to attend click here.

Organised with Progress.

Public services are facing near unprecedented challenges and change. How can Labour give more emphasis to people’s relationships in their organization and encourage a greater sense of ownership by users, staff and the local communities they serve, while also ensuring efficiency and  value for money.