Co-op Members to Vote on Political Link – Again!

Co-op members are once again being asked to vote on the Group’s political link to the Co-operative Party, established by the movement exactly 100 years ago.

One hundred years ago this year, the individual co-operative societies that make up the UK co-op movement came together to establish the Co-operative Party as their political voice. Since then, these co-operatives have regularly consulted their members and voted on whether to continue their subscription to the Party.


Today, the largest of these co-operative societies is the Co-operative Group (‘the Co-op’), which runs food stores across the country, funeral care, insurance, and holds a stake in the Co-operative Bank.

For the past two years, the Co-op has held a direct ballot of its members on whether to maintain the subscription, and on both occasions, members have approved it overwhelmingly.

Members are being asked to vote on the link once again this year, and the Party is seeking their support.

“Over the next few weeks, those of us who regularly shop or bank with the Co-operative Group will have the chance to vote continuing the partnership with Co-operative Party,” explains the Party’s pledge page.

“When a group of tradesmen banded together 150 years ago to create the world’s first co-op, they didn’t stop at ethical business. Their ambition was even greater: to transform society itself.

“Co-operation is, and has always been, political. Via the shopping basket or the ballot, the savings account or on the street, co-operators have always shaped and challenged the world in which we live. But there’s so much still to do.”

Members can pledge their support here, where they will also find details on eligibility and how to cast their vote.

The Co-op Group AGM is on 20 May and the deadline fro postal voting is on Monday 15 May.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to vote, visit or call 0800 023 4708.