The New Movement for Political Education

Left wing political education is needed like never before, argues KEITH VENABLES. And a movement of new and inspiring organisations is offering a way forward.

The ILP has a proud history of offering the kind of political education that guides our movement and helps it understand change. Now a new movement is emerging, made up mainly of young women and men encouraged by the atmosphere surrounding Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

And they are not going away.

One example is The World Transformed which has organised a number of significant education programmes – and social events – alongside Labour Party conferences since 2016, attracting many thousands of people to workshops, panel meetings and speaker events, all on sharp key current topics.

Another is the Ella Baker School inspired by Martin Luther King’s mass education programme. They run hundreds of high quality courses.

There are many more similar groups, some of which are meeting in Birmingham on 7 March 2020 to build the reach and effectiveness of much-needed political education.

All ILP activists are very welcome to attend. Please email me on or click here to book a place.

I’m also collecting information about as many of the established and new groups as possible. Please email me if you have information to share.


Keith Venables is coordinator of the Independent Working Class Education Network.


  1. Harry Barnes
    8 March 2020

    On adult education in general, including requirements in the area of political education, see –

  2. Harry Barnes
    24 February 2020

    Here is another 12 year old item of mine about adult educational needs, which for me is also of relevance today –

  3. Harry Barnes
    21 February 2020

    I hope that these two blog items of mine are seen as being of relevance to your work in advancing political education. My apologies for using the same photo to illustrate each of these.

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